Personalised skin care


The brand not only boasts high customer satisfaction and retention rates but also fosters exceptional customer relationships, with customers often returning after their initial experience.

For NØIE, it is crucial that their audience perceives them accurately: as authentic individuals offering a product that truly delivers proven results, as evidenced by their data! NØIE approached us seeking assistance with a campaign to heighten awareness in the Danish market. They aimed to distinctly communicate that NØIE is not merely another brand claiming customization but indeed provides products uniquely formulated to address specific skin problems individuals might have.


Project Lead: Sabina Karlson
Art Direction: Benjamin Bang
Production: Christophe Johansen 
Media Agency: Orchestra

TV Commercial

Art Direction




To foster a clear understanding and affinity for NØIE through our awareness campaign, we strategically decided to produce three films, slated for airing on Danish National Television and YouTube.

Our execution centered around an unconventional anti-sell concept, aligning seamlessly with NØIE's brand ethos. Unlike typical beauty brands primarily driven by sales, NØIE is genuinely committed to aiding the individuals using their products. Each NØIE product is uniquely crafted for the person whose name is on the bottle, serving as the focal point of our campaign execution.

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Sabina Karlson